Friday, April 29, 2005

I know Lee doesn't read this blog. In fact, he doesn't read. So it is safe to let you know that Lee, this weekend being his stag do, will be dressing up as an attractive lady. He doesn't know this of course. We are, or Marc is, going to steal his luggage and the rest of us are going to present him with the clothes we've lovingly bought him. There's been no coordination between any of us except for determining who is acquiring particular clothes items. I, I have got this lovely little red number. It feels very nice against the skin. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. Hahahahahahaha. As Royksopp sing, 'Poor Leee, no!'
Poor old John. He couldn't cope being on his own after the death of his friend the same morning. By early evening John past away and Simon laid him to rest in our front garden, under a rock. I shall miss him dearly.



What can I say except for you should have been there.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

NEWSFLASH: Sleeping with the worms

Unfortunately, one of Simon's goldfish has died, and the remaining fish is now lonely and soon gonna die itself by the looks of it. Out of respect and by the wish of Harriet, Simon buried the fish in the front garden under a stone, rather the flushing it down the loo.

I'll get a snap of the remaining goldfish (sorry, I've forgotten their names) before it snuffs it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005 QTVR from the best VR photographers

These pictures are cool. I've been to one of the panorama pics - the Blue Mountains. They instantly take me away from my prison cell in Durham. Not long until I'm free! - Montecarlo, Royal Palace in Monte Carlo, Monaco - QTVR from the best VR photographers

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Who should you vote for?

Who Should You Vote For?

Who should I vote for?

Your expected outcome:


Your actual outcome:

Labour -2
Conservative -23
Liberal Democrat 27
UK Independence Party -4
Green 33

You should vote: Green

The Green Party, which is of course strong on environmental issues, takes a strong position on welfare issues, but was firmly against the war in Iraq. Other key concerns are cannabis, where the party takes a liberal line, and foxhunting, which unsurprisingly the Greens are firmly against.

Take the test at Who Should You Vote For

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Petals Around the Rose

Have a go at this puzzle if you fancy wasting some time. It took me a while to get it but remember, it's all in the name.

Petals Around the Rose

Monday, April 11, 2005


Don't get me wrong, I like curves just as much as the next man. But the curved corners spread throughout this page are ugly. I will slowly change the corners, colours and contours of this page. Please bear in mind that I am hindered by colour blindness and I make no apologies if, at some point, I offend your vision.

The old site. Not much different yet I know.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Creep animation

Here's a cool animation to the song Creep by Radiohead. Check it out courtesy of

I'm a winner on the grand national!

Yesterday, the Grand National took place. I never usually participate in betting except for the odd occasion when I find myself at the Epsom Derby or greyhound racing in Wimbledon. Anyway, thought I'd liven Saturday afternoon up after the Royal Wedding by placing a couple of bets on the big race at 16:10. I placed bets on two horses, one chosen by random and the other, Royal Auclair, chosen only because I just watched the royal wedding. The odds for Royal Auclair were 11-1.

I was gutted when Royal Auclair came 2nd as I thought I'd placed a bet for a win only. My online account said I had won and had a credit of £30 much to my surprise! Thinking my luck is still in I've just placed a bet for a footie game this afternoon. Come on Everton! Though folks, please do not worry about me developing a gambling addiction. I have withdrawn my initial £10 stake and once my winnings have been frittered away my betting days will be over. Just a bit of fun, though please cross your fingers.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Author Bill Bryson becomes Durham University Chancellor

Simon, a bit drunk

Elvet Bridge

On our way to Harriet and Simon's dinner party I snapped this:

If it wasn't for the taxi firm, Mac's Taxis, then we wouldn't have walked. Thanks Mac. I wasn't aware that it wasn't in their job description to notify you, i.e. ring the doorbell, once they are ready and waiting outside. When I phoned up the taxi firm to ask much longer they'd be, the operator told me it had been outside for ten minutes, it had drove off and was not going to return. So there! I was a little annoyed and suggested that it would be courteous to at least let their customer know that they were waiting by, perhaps, knocking on the door. No. It's not part of the service. So the Mac's taxi driver prefers to waste 10 minutes of his as well as my time instead of spending at most 10 seconds moving his or hers fat arse to my doorstep and back. Well, Mac can stuff his taxi's. I deleted his number from my phone instantly. I suggest you do the same.

On our way back I snapped the same scene, around 1am Sunday:

Sunday, April 03, 2005

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Fans snap up Glastonbury tickets

Hooray! I've got tickets for Glastonbury. Well, I've got the confirmation email and that's good enough for me. I didn't manage to get through to the ticket ordering page but my mate Al, who has a measly 56k modem, did and ordered himself 2 and me 2. 112,000 tickets sold out in less than 3 hours. I'm sure it would have been quicker if the web servers could have coped with the traffic.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Fans snap up Glastonbury tickets

Thursday, March 31, 2005

KT Tunstall

I saw KT perform on the Jools Holland TV show a couple of months ago and immediately wanted to hear more. Now, having listened to her album a few times, I have become a fan of her almost addictive raspy voice. Watch a few session tracks courtesy of the BBC collective.

A Confederacy of Dunces

I've just started reading a new book courtesy of Steinunn. Ta very much. Having read the first chapter I already have a dislike for Ignatius J. Reilly, the central character. If I were to meet him I think I would probably have to put on a balaclava and punch him on the nose.